The day after our board action, come wind down over lunch in community with fellow union members on Wed Oct 23rd 12-2pm. Please join our union mixer and panel discussion with labor activists that will kick-off our Unity Campaign***. Lunch and light refreshments will be served. Pls forward to your colleagues!

WEDNESDAY, October 23rd @ 12-2 pm

Laney College – Faculty Lounge – T450

900 Fallon St., Oakland CA 

RSVP here.

***What is the Unity Campaign? 

The PFT Unity Campaign focuses on the shared interests and combined power that ALL FACULTY gain when we join together to fight for quality education for our students and fair working conditions for ourselves.   The goal of the campaign is to unite faculty and increase faculty participation in PFT contract actions and other PFT activities. Too often, part-time and full-time faculty are pitted against each other, when in fact, WE ARE STRONGER WHEN UNITED!

The UNITY Campaign raises up the concerns of PT faculty about their poor working conditions and compensation and points out how FT faculty and students are also impacted by these conditions. An emphasis on the interconnection of full-time tenure line faculty and part-time contingent faculty interests will support and strengthen the PFT.  We will hold dialogues, teach-ins, unity hall walks, and mixers to build understanding and strength in our unity.


  • ALL FACULTY – FT, PT, Counselors, Librarians, Nurses, and Coaches – are essential to the student success at the Peralta Colleges.
  • ALL FACULTY deserve fair compensation for their work 
  • ALL FACULTY deserve fair and safe working conditions, including access to educational resources (e.g., office space, technology, facilities) and professional development to provide quality instruction and other educational services to students.
  • ALL FACULTY working together is the best way to get fair compensation and working conditions AND to provide high quality education to students 
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