Effective F17, part-time instructional faculty will be compensated for office hours at their non-instructional rate for full semester classes. This program is in effect during the regular academic year only. It excludes summer session and intersession.
Faculty must submit their “Request to Participate in Office Hour form” to their Division Dean every semester, by the end of the first week of instruction. They must also attach their syllabus.
Office Hours shall be defined as follows:
1) Face-to face classes: office hours shall be on campus (or at location where class is held) at a designated time and location.
2) Online classes: office hours shall be online at a designated time.
3) Hybrid classes: office hours may be either online at a designated time and location.
Participation in the program shall be based on the following instructional assignment formula:
0-2.99 equated hours= 0 office hours to be paid out
3-5.99 equated hours= 1 paid office hour a week
6 or more equated hours= 2 paid office hours a week
Equated hours can be figured out, as follows:
1 lab hour= .8 equated hour
1 lecture hour= 1 equated hour

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