Whereas all Community College Board of Trustees have been asked to consider severe budget cuts due to the state budget deficit, and

Whereas the impact will include reduced course offerings for our students, and reduced student services, resulting in a loss of access for our students to the education they need and deserve, and

Whereas many community college employees could lose their jobs, with adverse impact on their lives, and on the California economy, and

Whereas this is not inevitable, but a matter of priorities and political choices made by our governor and legislature to balance the state budget on the backs of our students, and

Therefore be it resolved that the Peralta Federation of Teachers is requesting that the California Federation of Teachers issue a call for a march on March 11, 2010 in Sacramento and/or in addition, Los Angeles that unites all levels of education, from K – Ph.D. under the banner of “no cuts to education” and

Be it further resolved that the Peralta Federation of Teachers will work publicly  to advocate for such a march and will issue a call to all education unions, faculty associations, student organizations and PTAs to form a coalition to plan and execute this march in March 2010.

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