Dear Peralta Community:

Second Tuesday means it’s time for the e-Communiqué from the Peralta Federation of Teachers. Please don’t hesitate to email PFT Communications Director Matthew Goldstein ( with items you’d like to see here in the future. Enjoy!

*The PFT officially endorsed the Rally for California’s Future, set for Thurs., March 4, at 5 p.m. at San Francisco Civic Center. To get involved, visit or email Joan Berezin at

*The PFT encourages faculty, staff, and students to attend the meeting of the Peralta Board of Trustees tonight, Tues., Feb. 9, at 7 p.m., in the district boardroom (333 E. Eighth St.). Among the agenda items the board will consider are endorsements of the California Democracy Act and the March 4 Rally for California’s Future, both supported by the PFT Executive Council. Items the PFT questions include moves to increase the price of student transcript orders, and contract extensions for two consultants who stand to make more than $100,000 from the district. Those wanting to address the board should arrive early to fill out speaker cards.

*Government employees who don’t pay into Social Security—e.g., faculty in STRS—can be penalized in retirement, even if they once contributed to Social Security over a sufficient number of quarters to be eligible. Such employees are affected by the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and the Government Pension Offset (GPO). (Learn more at Efforts are underway to get rid of WEP and GPO as part of any new stimulus package passed by Congress. Write your congressperson about unfair SS restrictions on teachers and urge positive action now!

*Eligible part-time faculty have until Feb. 19, 2010, to sign up for the district’s 50-50 healthcare plan. The PFT suggests part-timers take full advantage of their complete compensation package.

*District inaction on overstuffed classrooms continues to concern the PFT. An email asserting the PCCD’s awareness of the problem has done little to reduce the number of students crammed into classes. The PFT president and grievance officer are meeting with the district risk manager this week to work out solutions.

In unity,

Debby Weintraub, President
PFT, AFT Local 1603

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