Dear Peralta Community,

If it’s the second Tuesday, this must be the e-Communiqué from the Peralta Federation of Teachers! Tip off PFT Communications Director Matthew Goldstein ( about any events, items, etc., you’d like to see here. Have a good week!

*The Peralta Board of Trustees returns to the district boardroom at 333 E. Eighth St. tonight, Tues., March 9, at 7 p.m. Among the items to watch: a ceremony to honor seven newly tenured faculty members, contract extensions for no fewer than four independent contractors, and a raft of modifications to Measure A-related expenditures.

*Having announced that it will not fill any of the 15 vacant fulltime faculty positions, the district is now actively seeking to hire seven administrators. The emphasis on hiring managers—even as the accrediting commission takes the PCCD to task for administrative sloppiness, even as classes continue to be slashed—marks the district’s continued failure to get its educational priorities straight. PFT and the District Academic Senate plan to bring their concerns to Tom Henry, the troubleshooter brought in to clean up the district mess.

*The Fresno Unified Retirees Association (FURA) scored a major victory in Fresno Superior Court last week, winning a five-year battle with district administration. The district had tried to renege on its promise of guaranteed lifetime healthcare benefits for career employees; in rejecting the district’s arguments, Judge Donald R. Franson Jr. concluded that Fresno retirees were entitled to everything they’d worked for. Seeing the significance of the Fresno case for districts like ours, PFT contributed to the FURA defense fund and actively supported the Central Valley retirees’ cause. While FUSD may appeal, Judge Franson’s decision should have a chilling effect on districts hot to burn retirees.

*Adjuncts ought to attend the next meeting on AB 381/SDI, the new State Disability Insurance law that allows part-time faculty to receive SDI benefits, Mon., March 15, 12:15-1:15 p.m., at BCC (Room 223). In April PFT will hold an election for adjuncts to decide whether the union should negotiate a 1.1% SDI deduction from all part-time paychecks. Also, part-timers are urged to update their contact info with the PFT offices—if you’re unsure whether we’ve got your current address, call PFT staffer Anna Roy at 510.763.8820.

*The deadline has passed for part-timers wanting to join the district’s 50-50 healthcare plan. PFT is working with PCCD Benefits Coordinator Jennifer Seibert to increase part-timer access to their hard-earned perks.

In unity,

Debby Weintraub, President
PFT, AFT Local 1603

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