PFT apologizes for the summertime shoptalk, but a quick update seemed in order. Tip: print this email and take it with you to the beach.

*At its July 17 meeting, held at Club Montero’s in Albany, the Peralta Board of Trustees approved a gaggle of new administrators: Calvin Madlock, Assoc. VC for IT, District Office; Debbie Budd, interim president, and Lilia Celhay, categorical dean, BCC; Steven Cohen, Exec. VP, and Inger Stark, math and sciences dean, Laney; and Dettie Del Rosario, interim business manager, Merritt. Trustees also voted to reclassify Jennifer Seibert, formerly benefits director, as benefits manager. The board won’t meet again until Sep. 11.

*PFT’s Committee on Political Education will interview Nicky González Yuen (Area 4, Berkeley) and Bill Withrow (Area 1, Alameda), PCCD trustees who hope to keep their seats after the Nov. general election. The Q & A is set for Th., July 26, 2:30-4 p.m., at the PFT offices, 500 E. Eighth St., Ste. B. PFT COPE members are urged to attend.

*The district has issued checks for both parity pay and retro pay, the latter for part-timers who hadn’t been properly advanced on the pay schedule. PFT worked hard to secure the distribution of these monies to faculty, and would like to acknowledge in particular the vigilance of PFT Diversity Chair Janell Hampton and PFT Labor Representative Sara Connors—and the efforts of staff in the HR and payroll offices—in seeing that the $500K in retro checks got out. PFT also thanks the many part-timers who called PFT’s attention to the retro-pay issue and advocated so effectively on their own behalf.

The union’s regular publications—the e-Communiqué, PCCD Board Watch, and the Peralta Teacher—will return in fall. Until then, follow PFT on Twitter @PFT1603, and like it on Facebook, too.

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