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*The Peralta Board of Trustees meets today at 5 p.m. at 333 E. Eighth St. in the district boardroom. The unusual early start is to accommodate a special board workshop, set to run from 6-8 p.m. Noteworthy agenda items from the untelevised meeting include the sunshining of the SEIU and Local 39 contract proposals, and consideration of Measure A-related expenditures: a deal with Chevron Energy Services to revamp the Laney tower (worth up to $350K), and a contract extension with Ciber to continue fixing PeopleSoft (to total no more than $90K). Trustees will also consider approving a proclamation of support for Proposition 25, the California ballot initiative that would reduce the vote needed to pass a state budget to simple majorities in both legislative houses. PFT applauds President Abel Guillén for bringing this worthwhile item to the board.

*PFT signed off on the State Disability Insurance agreement with the district Friday. The 1.1% paycheck deductions for part-time faculty, overwhelmingly approved last spring by Peralta part-timers, will begin no later than January 2011.

*PFT General Membership meetings are set for Mon., Nov. 1, and Thurs., December 9; both will run from 3-5 p.m. at Laney in Room D-200. The meetings will focus on getting faculty input on contract proposals to help PFT develop a strong counter to the grim wish list of takeaways that the district put forward in September.

*At recent PFT chapter meetings, faculty voiced concern about the equity of cuts and continued section slashing, even as the district claims it needs no further reductions to hit FTES targets. Faculty also raised eyebrows over a district idea to use Measure A money to buy the Kaiser Convention Center—if Peralta can’t maintain classroom equipment, bathrooms, and water fountains at the colleges, why would it attempt to expand its real estate portfolio?

*A reminder: SLO development and assessment work cannot be required of part-time faculty. Part-time faculty pressured by supervisors to perform bureaucratic duties beyond their immediate teaching responsibilities should contact PFT.

*Open enrollment—an annual chance for employees and retirees to enroll in or change medical, dental, and flexible benefits plans, and to add eligible dependents not currently covered—continues through the end of the month. Forms, downloadable at, are due to the Benefits Office by Oct. 31.

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