The week’s shaping up into a lively one, with PFT shuffling meeting times as it tries to nail down a tentative contract agreement, and SEIU heading into tonight’s board meeting with a signed deal in hand. Stay on top of the e-Communiqué and PCCD Board Watch for all the late-breaking news.

*Trustees meet tonight at seven at 333 E. Eighth St. in the district boardroom. Votes on SEIU’s tentative contract agreement, the continuation of deals with union and nonunion security outfits, and a host of Measure A and E expenditures rank among the noteworthy agenda items.

*PFT’s General Membership Meeting set for Sept. 26 has been canceled, and will be rescheduled once a tentative contract agreement has been completed. The late change is due to the district negotiating team’s call for additional time to review the latest PFT proposal; the district has promised to have a firm response to PFT by this afternoon.

Getting a deal done this week is crucial since faculty expect professional development monies to return to the colleges and sabbaticals to be available for spring. Also pressing, of course, is the arrival of long-anticipated raises in faculty paychecks. Because the board must approve any deal, and because trustees meet only once next month (Oct. 8), any further slowdown would derail plans for an early fall settlement.

PFT will announce details of the rescheduled GMM—likely to include a ratification vote—the moment a TA is signed.

*PFT’s Matthew Goldstein will hold a “presidential office hour,” today, Tues., Sept. 24, 12-1 p.m., in the Merritt College D Quad. Faculty are encouraged to stop by and catch up.

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