Couldn’t get a Valentine’s Day reservation at your favorite restaurant? Treat that special someone to tonight’s PCCD board of trustees meeting, set for seven at 333. E. Eighth St. Among the more savory agenda items:

*Trustees will consider a resolution in support of the CFT-sponsored Millionaires Tax, an initiative that would bring in nearly $7 billion a year to cash-starved California. The Millionaires Tax outpolls rival revenue-raising initiatives bound for the November ballot, and—unlike the competition—taxes only those making more than $1 million a year. PFT applauds the board for taking up this progressive solution to the state’s dire financial situation.
*Trustees will also weigh a resolution backing the March 1 and 5 days of action in support of public education. In addition to California’s annual March in March—set for Mon., March 5—activists nationwide have declared March 1 a day for raising awareness about the plight of our public education system. PFT has already passed a resolution in support of the actions, and it looks forward to linking arms with the BoT. Look for PFT updates in the weeks to come.

*Consultant Jim Grivich will lead the board in a study session focusing on several revised board policies and administrative procedures, among which is proposed board policy 3900, an ill-considered attempt to restrict free-speech rights at the colleges. BP 3900 would make the colleges “non-public forums” and limit free expression to designated areas. PFT has voiced its strong opposition to BP 3900, and will continue to fight any policy or procedure that attempts to stifle open inquiry, academic freedom, and speech on our campuses.

In other news:

*Enrollment for part-time faculty eligible for the 50/50 medical program ends Thurs., Feb. 16. Download forms at <> and submit them to the district benefits office.

*Join faculty, students, and community groups headed for Morgan Stanley today at 4 p.m., as they demand an end to Peralta’s high-cost swap deal with the Wall St. giant. The group will meet at Snow Park, across the street from Morgan Stanley (250 19th St., downtown Oakland).

*A retirement planning workshop with PFT and the Peralta Retirees Organization (PRO) is set for Wed., Feb. 22, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the PFT offices, 500 E. 8th St., Ste. B, Oakland. Considering retiring ? Don’t miss it!

Keep up with the board online <> , and follow the union on Twitter @ PFT1603 <!/PFT1603>. And like us on Facebook, too!

In solidarity,

Matthew M. Goldstein, President

Debby Weintraub, Communications Director

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