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Due to the current conditions at the office, the Executive Council meeting will be held tomorrow, November 20 from 3-5 at La Estrellita Restaurant 446 E 12th St, Oakland, CA 94606. The agenda will set at the beginning of the meeting.

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The PFT office had a pipe burst in the ceiling over the weekend and there has been extensive damage. Staff is working with the Landlord, insurers, and the cleanup crew to get us back in shape. We will be closed until further notice. You may still reach our voice mail at (510) 763-8820. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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On Nov. 10, PFT Executive Council Member and Part-time Representative Cynthia Mahabir and Laney College political scientist Craig Flanery discussed the challenges facing part-time faculty in higher education on the KALW call-in program City Visions. The lively conversation echoed many of the sentiments that faculty members feel but may not be able to voice. Just in case you missed it, you can catch up here to listen to the show in its entirety.

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These are not particularly good times for faculty working in Peralta, and they’re even worse for faculty working at Laney. Over the past several weeks, emails have been sent and rumors continue to fly regarding Laney College’s decision not to rehire Cynthia Mahabir and two other part-time faculty members, including 11-year Laney Math Department vet Matthew Hubbard. Unfortunately, much of what has been written and repeated is misleading, incorrect, and/or inaccurate. Also, unfortunately, as you will read in detail below, these incidents grew out of the charged atmosphere at Laney College.

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PFT believes in the integrity of its contract. Besides the situation presented by the recent grievance over part-time faculty rehire rights, several other issues have arisen at Laney during the last couple of years that suggest the district is not as committed as it needs to be in complying with the contract and the Education Code.

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Part-timer Matthew Hubbard had taught math at Laney College for 11 years when—despite his position in the Part-time Rehire Pool—he was denied a fall 2014 assignment.

On June 6, the college sent Hubbard a short letter saying that he no longer “best fit” the needs of the school and its students. The letter was identical to that sent to another part-timer, sociologist Cynthia Mahabir, who was likewise stripped of an assignment after years of service to the college. PFT has filed a grievance on behalf of Hubbard, Mahabir, and the union at large.

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ACCJC Rally Burnt

On Friday, June 6, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) concluded a three-day meeting in Sacramento. Leaders in the fight to save City College of San Francisco lined up to speak during the 15 minutes set aside by ACCJC for public comment. As reported on the SF Chronicle website, the commission chair, Sherrill Amador, called security to stop a member of the public, Alvin Ja, from distributing a letter to commissioners after comment closed, and then tore up her copy of the handout. Hundreds of supporters, including CCSF  faculty and students, community college faculty from across the state, and community members, joined the rally outside the Citizen Hotel. PFT was on hand to support the fight.


Since most part-time faculty have several weeks “vacation” at the end of each semester, it is very important that everyone takes advantage of the unemployment benefits offered by the Employment Development Department of the State of California (EDD), which provide you a percentage of your income each week you are between assignments.  Read more by visiting Part-time Corner.

Karen Saginor, first vice president of the academic senate and a librarian at City College of San Francisco, prepared an enlightening summary of some of the more notable developments in CCSF’s ongoing struggle with the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges. Last summer, ACCJC formally moved to disaccredit the state’s biggest public institution of higher learning.

To read Karen Saginor’s full summary, click here

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