We had a great weekend of canvassing. We were able to talk to over 100 voters and had over 22 faculty volunteer over the course of 2 days. Let’s keep that momentum going!

This weekend Scott Hoshida and Cleavon Smith are hosting a Fundraiser for Cindi Reiss on Oct 7th from 2pm-4pm. Click here to see details and RSVP via Evite.

Next week we’ll be working with the Alameda Labor Council to reach out to union members across the East Bay to support pro-public education candidates. Please save the dates below:

Phone Banks: Oct 9th, 10th, and 11th from 4-7pm


  • Sunday, 10/7, 2:00- 4:00 PM: Hosted by Scott Hoshida & Cleavon Smith RSVP HERE
  • Friday, 10/12, 5:30-7:30 PMHosted by Kimberly King & Peter Brown RSVP HERE
  • Saturday, 10/13, 3-5 PM: Hosted by Jennifer ShanoskiRSVP HERE

Canvasses: Oct 13th and 14th (from 10am-2pm)

  • Saturday, 10/13, 10-2 PM:  for Corean Todd with OEA, Horace Mann Elementary School 5222 Ygnacio Ave, Oakland, CA 94601
  • Sunday, 10/14, 10-2 PM:  for Cindi Reiss, PFT office 500 E 8th St, Oakland, CA 94606

These events are extremely important and could be the difference between winning the change we want to see on the Board or status quo. I urge you all to talk to fellow faculty member, friend, family or neighbor about voting for PFT endorsed candidates Cindi Reiss in Area 5 and Corean Todd in Area 3  AND joining you as a volunteer next week.

Come out sporting your beautiful PFT shirt (we’ll have extras if you don’t have one), canvass for a cause and meet other active faculty. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, check the weather and bring a friend or two to help 🙂 Here’s information on where to meet: 

Canvass for Corean Todd, BOT Area 3 

Saturday, 10-2pm 

Peralta Hacienda Historical Park, 

2465 34th Ave, Oakland, CA 94601 

Canvass for Cindi Reiss, BOT Area 5

Sunday, 10-2pm 

Redwood Heights Recreation Center, 

3883 Aliso Ave, Oakland, CA 94619

Phone Bank: 
We’ll be doing our first round of phone banking on Wednesday, Oct 3rd at the PFT office from 4-7pm. Come grab pizza, talk to faculty that live in Cindi and Corean’s Areas and mingle with other active union members. Please email me if you will be attending or sign up by clicking here.


Career Technical Education (CTE) Representative

For the term of date of election through June 30, 2019

Peralta Federation of Teachers is announcing a special election and call for nominations for an open seat on the Executive Council. The seat open for nominations is one Career Technical Education (CTE) Representative representing CTE faculty district wide.  All PFT members in good-standing are eligible to be elected to serve on the Executive Council. Members may nominate themselves (self-nominations are encouraged) or other members of the union for positions on the Executive Council.  Please make sure your nominee is a member in good standing of the union and willing to run.

Elected members of the Executive Council have the overall responsibility of decision-making for the PFT.  The CTE Representative is the first line of communication for CTE faculty, frequently serve on hiring and screening committees, and occasionally handles grievances. The CTE Representative is also encouraged to hold CTE Committee meetings for vocational faculty once a semester. The CTE Representative must be a CTE faculty member.

Each Executive Council member is required to attend PFT Executive Council Meetings, which are generally on the first and third Thursday of each month from 3-5pm during the Academic Year (though extra or emergency meetings are sometimes called in the Summer). Part-time faculty who serve on the Executive Council are eligible for up to 16 hours per month for up to 4.5 months per semester of paid service according to the non-instructional extra service salary schedule as a consultant.

Please be certain that your nominees wish to run for the position, have the time to do so, and verify their willingness to serve. CTE Representative nominations may only be made by CTE faculty.  You must sign this nomination form.  Unsigned nomination forms will be disregarded.



Nomination forms should be returned to the PFT office via US Mail at 500 East 8th St., Suite B, Oakland, CA 94606. You may also use District mail, addressing the form to PFT, email to union@pft1603.org, or deliver by hand to the PFT Office or to any PFT Executive Council Member.


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