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Peralta part-time faculty members who are experiencing hardship as a result of assignment reductions can apply for up to $500 in emergency assistance, which will be given on a first-come, first-served basis in accordance with the following criteria:

  • current PFT membership
  • worked within the Peralta District for at least four of the previous ten semesters
  • loss of 40% or higher of the faculty member’s semester’s baseload assignment
  • no full-time employment elsewhere
  • no retirement benefits, or retirement benefits limited to $450 per week.





The 74th Annual Convention of the California Federation of Teachers, “Activate Labor for Justice” has been called to convene at the Hyatt Regency, San Francisco from March 11-13, 2016.  The Peralta Federation of Teachers can send as many as 23 delegates to this convention. The ten delegates with the highest votes, in addition to the PFT President, will be reimbursed up to $200 for documented convention-related expenses (allocations have been made for 5 full-time faculty and 5 part-time faculty to attend).

The Convention is open to all CFT members, but only elected delegates can vote. It is the Federation’s highest governance body, where delegates shape union policy and positions on issues affecting all members. The Convention will also elect delegates to the AFT Convention and the California Labor Federation Convention.

All nominations must be received in the PFT office no later than 4 p.m. on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

For more information and to download a nomination form, please click here.

PFT hopes that you are enjoying an energizing break. There are a few things we would like to put on your radar:

* District Flex Day is Wednesday, January 20th. Stop by the PFT table to check your member status or update your information. Campus Flex Days are TBA.

* We are happy to announce the election of Eva Ng-Chin as Merritt Campus Co-Chair. Arja McCray has decided to resign and PFT extends thanks to Arja for her time representing Merritt Faculty this past year. This leaves an opportunity and need for a replacement campus co-chair for Merritt. Anyone interested in serving in this position should contact Kayla Lewis at

* California Federation of Teachers’ annual convention will be held in San Francisco on March 11-13. Nominations will be open to all members beginning January 20th. Forms will be available in your faculty mailbox.




Documents the growth of part-time (adjunct, contingent, associate, non-tenure track) faculty in America’s colleges and universities, and the circumstances under which they work and contribute to the their students, our economy, and our society. ​
Part-time faculty currently make up the majority of the faculty, instruct the majority of the courses, and the majority of the students at America’s higher education institutions. 
Part-time faculty are paid significantly less than full-time (tenured, or tenure-track) faculty, generally do not have access to health insurance, do not participate in college governance, do not have access to the academic protection of tenure, and can be denied employment for any, or no, reason. 
This film is the story of the unknown outsiders of higher education, and the prospects for change. 


PCCD Chancellor, Jowel Laguerre, Freeway Fliers Filmaker, Bradley L. Rettele, & PFT President, Ed Jaramillo

PFT had previously opened nominations to fill a vacancy for a campus co-chair representative at Merritt College. We didn’t receive any nominations before the deadline period for this position.

We are extending the deadline to November 9. PFT is encouraging any member interested in serving to submit a nomination form.


Merritt Campus Co-Chair & College of Alameda Campus Co-Chair

For the term of date of election through June 30, 2017

Peralta Federation of Teachers is announcing a special election and call for nominations for open seats on the Executive Council. Seats open for nominations are two campus co-chair positions; one representing Merritt and one representing CoA.  All PFT members in good-standing are eligible to be elected to serve on the Executive Council.  Members may nominate themselves (self-nominations are encouraged) or other members of the union for positions on the Executive Council.  Please make sure your nominee is a member in good standing of the union and willing to run.

Elected members of the Executive Council have the overall responsibility of decision-making for the PFT.  Campus Chairs are the first contact for faculty on the campus, frequently serve on hiring and screening committees, and occasionally handle grievances. Campus Chairs are also encouraged to hold Chapter Meetings for their campuses or represented populations once a semester. Campus Chairs must be primarily working at the campus they represent.

Each Executive Council member is required to attend PFT Executive Council Meetings, which are generally on the first and third Thursday of each month from 3-5pm during the Academic Year (though extra or emergency meetings are sometimes called in the Summer).

Please be certain that your nominees wish to run for the position, have the time to do so, and verify their willingness to serve. Please only nominate the Campus Chair that would specifically be representing you.  You must sign this nomination form.  Unsigned nomination forms will be disregarded.




Nomination forms should be returned to the PFT office via US Mail at 500 East 8th St., Suite B, Oakland, CA 94606 or faxed, 510-763-1140. You may also use District mail, addressing the form to PFT, email to, or deliver by hand to the PFT Office or to any PFT Executive Council Member.

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